A consultation in the out-patient department, in a former school, in one of MSF's medical projects in Syria Robin Meldrum Opinion

Polio in Syria: an opportunity to save lives?

11/22/2013 Suzanne Shepherd

Deployment of chemical weapons in Syria has proven to be such a horrific event, it has mobilized the muscle and diplomacy of the most powerful international actors. What will it take to unleash this same determination to come to the aid of the youngest Syrians?

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Bombed buildings in Aleppo Monique Doux Opinion

Scaling up aid in Syria: the role of diaspora networks

09/06/2013 Fabrice Weissman

Syria is certainly the most deadly conflict in the world today and the most underserved in terms of international humanitarian assistance. Exposed to violence and lack of essential services, millions of Syrians, living under the authority of opposition groups, have almost no access to international humanitarian relief. 

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MSF flag in Somalia Yann Libessart Opinion

Remote management in Somalia

01/23/2013 Joe Belliveau

Discussions on the merits of remote control management of humanitarian projects have been particularly intense over the last few years. We are pleased to share this contribution published in Humanitarian Exchange Magazine by Joe Belliveau, the operational manager for Somalia in the Dutch section of our organisation.

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Camp de Gaza Valerie Babize Opinion

Gaza: Alive, but slimmer

11/14/2012 Michaël Neuman

Last October, the Israeli Minister of Defence resolved under judicial order to declassify documents dating from January 2008. These archives contain the implementation details of the embargo imposed on Gaza in 2007.

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Doctor WHO?

09/03/2012 Rony Brauman

In this chronicle "Alternatives Internationales", Rony Brauman discusses the return of using community health workers as primary access points for healthcare, in the recommendations of the WHO and practices of some governments.

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