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Find here our geographic and thematic dossiers

CRASH produces geographic and thematic dossiers on topics arising from MSF concerns or dealing with humanitarian issues and current events. These dossiers gather both CRASH publications and researchers, academics and journalists' works.

Racisme et humanitaire Isabel Corthier Dossier

Racism and Humanitarian Action

02/03/2022 Elba Rahmouni Marc Le Pape

This Crash dossier gathers a selection of Crash publications published over the last twenty years: all of them, in different manners, tackle the themes of racism and humanitarian action. They also evoke the way discussions about racism have been addressed at Médecins sans Frontières. 

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Idomeni after the closing of the border Alex Yallop/MSF Dossier

Migrants / refugees

05/29/2018 Elba Rahmouni

With the cold war over, refugees have lost their status as an instrument of western soft power, whereas with the economic crisis and terrorism, hostility towards migrants is increasing. Prevailing representations of migration movements are convincing a growing proportion of the European population that migrants are a threat and refugees a burden. This file contains a collection of publications (articles, opinion columns, blog articles, press releases, CRASH papers) from 1990 to date, focusing on two themes : 1° the dichotomy between hospitality policy and migration policy, 2° camps approached from a number of different angles.  

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Deux femmes transportent des branches d'arbre, camp de Dagahaley, Kenya, 2009 Dominic Nahr Dossier

Famine: political implications and operational responses

06/12/2017 Rony Brauman

The articles and essays in this publication discuss the specific context in which famines arise and the responses mobilised to address them. MSF has been involved in a number of famine responses (Uganda 1980, Ethiopia 1984-1985, Somalia 1991-1993) and has contributed to many chronic and acute malnutrition operations (Niger, Sudan and Ethiopia in particular in the 2000s). As theses famines were systematically related to armed conflict, the political implications are particularly significant and consequently, feature as a common theme in most of the analyses.

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