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Rwandan Refugees in Congo Frederic Sautereau News in brief

Listen to the MSF Speaking Out podcast: “The Hunting and Killing of Rwandan refugees in Zaire-Congo 1996-1997”.

01/05/2023 Laurence Binet

MSF releases the podcast “MSF Speaking Out: The Hunting and Killing of Rwandan refugees in Zaire-Congo 1996-1997” describing the dilemmas, challenges and controversies faced by the MSF teams including: could MSF communicate publicly on the health condition of the refugees when its access to them had recently been denied? When it realised its teams were being used to lure and kill refugees, should the organisation cease its activities and condemn this manipulation?

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Ituri region News in brief

Hommage to Bert Ingelaere


Today we learnt of the passing of Bert Ingelaere. Our thoughts go out to his friends, colleagues, and family.

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Le Grand Voyage d'Alice News in brief

Le Grand Voyage d'Alice

11/17/2021 Jean-Hervé Bradol

The comic book "Le Grand Voyage d'Alice" was drawn by Gaspard Talmasse and published by La boîte à bulles on November 17th. The preface of this comic book was written by Dr. Jean-Hervé Bradol, former president of MSF and director of studies at the Reflection center of MSF (MSF-Crash). The book won the MSF prize at the Carnet de voyages Festival in Clermont-Ferrand, held from November 19th to the 21st. 

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R. A. Hogarth, Medicalizing Blackness ; D. C. Owens, Medical Bondage ; D. R. Berry, The Price for Their Pound of Flesh News in brief

Race and health. A fascinating article on the history of medicine

05/07/2018 Rony Brauman

An article entitled "Médecines du corps noir" [Medicine and the black body], published on the La vie des idées website on 27 April, discusses three American history books on the origins of medicine in the United States in the context of slavery in the 18th and 19th centuries. Between experimentation and resistance, the history of relationships between race and health illustrates the decisive role played by African slaves.    

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The Crash – MSF

10/07/2014 Michaël Neuman

This article was originally published in French on Grotius, as part of a dossier on the contribution of research to humanitarian action. Unlike most think tanks and research institutes devoted to the study of humanitarian aid, the CRASH - born of Médecins Sans Frontières leaders' desire for a structure to support critical reflection on their own operations - is an integral part of a relief organization.

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A consultation in the out-patient department, in a former school, in one of MSF's medical projects in Syria Robin Meldrum Opinion

Polio in Syria: an opportunity to save lives?

11/22/2013 Suzanne Shepherd

Deployment of chemical weapons in Syria has proven to be such a horrific event, it has mobilized the muscle and diplomacy of the most powerful international actors. What will it take to unleash this same determination to come to the aid of the youngest Syrians?

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