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The books of the CRASH are now available in EPUB format

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Elba Rahmouni

Since April 2018, Elba has been in charge of dissemination at CRASH. Elba holds a Master's degree in History of Classical Philosophy and a Master's degree in editorial consulting and digital knowledge management. During her studies, she worked on moral philosophy issues and was particularly interested in the practical necessity and the moral, legal and political prohibition of lying in Kant's philosophy.

At the time of digital humanities and as part of a project to make available to the public all books written by members of the CRASH since the 1990s, the following books are now downloadable in EPUB format on our website.

In French:

In English:

Carried out with rigor and method, these publications are written from the point of view of aid practitioners and not that of researchers. They are not the “MSF party line”, but tools for reflection developed from MSF's frameworks and experience. Their raison d'être: to better understand the practices of the association and the world of aid in general.

Have a good read!

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