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What is the CRASH?

The Centre de Réflexion sur l'Action et les Savoirs Humanitaires (CRASH) is a think tank that works within the MSF Foundation. Its role is to stimulate debate and critical reflection on Médecins Sans Frontières’ fieldwork and public positions to improve its actions. There are five pillars to the CRASH’s work: research, evaluation, training, consultancy and communication.

Who make up the CRASH team?

A team of eight people work at the CRASH today: Michaël Neuman, coordinator and director of studies, Jean-Hervé Bradol, Rony Brauman, Marion Péchayre, Judith Soussan, Fabrice Weissman, directors of studies, Florence Penfeunteun, executive assistant and Agnes Varraine-Leca who is responsible for communication.

What is the scientific committee?

The scientific committee’s role is to take part in internal debates at the CRASH, in decisions on projects and in their development and in critical discussions on research studies. Committee members also facilitate communication and partnerships between members of the CRASH and researchers and universities. On the scientific committee are Marc Le Pape, Vinh-Kim Nguyen, Bertrand Taithe and Claudine Vidal.

I would like to publish an article on the CRASH blog

OFF THE CUFF is a participative blog overseen by the CRASH team. It aims to showcase the wide range of experiences and opinions that inspire and stimulate the world of humanitarian aid. The blog is open to external contributors, click on “Contribute” to propose an article. All proposals are carefully considered before being published.

I would like to join the CRASH team

All job vacancies at the CRASH are published on the Médecins Sans Frontières website and can be consulted there. You can also contact us directly by visiting the “Contact” page.

I would like to make a donation to Médecins Sans Frontières

The CRASH is part of the Médecins Sans Frontières Foundation, whose action is focused in two priority areas: supporting the innovative development of MSF and reinforcing skills within the organisation. For more information on the work of the Médecins Sans Frontières Foundation To make a donation