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Journal of Humanitarian Affairs

The Journal of Humanitarian Affairs is a new academic journal in open access, hosted jointly by The Humanitarian Affairs Team at Save the Children UK (HAT), the Centre de Réflexion sur l’Action et les Savoirs Humanitaires MSF (MSf-Crash) and the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute at the University of Manchester (HCRI). It aims at fuelling the debate around humanitarian policies and practices with rigour and political courage. The journal hopes to incite its contributors and readers to think critically about humanitarian issues that are often approached from reductionist assumptions. It covers contemporary, historical, methodological and applied subject matters and brings together studies, debates and literature reviews. The journal engages with these through diverse online content, including peer reviewed articles, expert interviews, policy analyses, literature reviews and feature articles.

Our rationale can be summed up as follows: the sector is growing and has to face many policial, ethical and practical issues. The Journal of Humanitarian Affairs provides a space for serious and interdisciplinary exchanges between academics and practitioners on the whole range of these questions. The journal aims to be a home and platform where ideas are floated, controversies are aired and new research is published and scrutinised.

Areas in which submissions will be considered include humanitarian financing, migrations and responses, the history of humanitarian aid, humanitarian interventions, media representations of humanitarianism, the changing landscape of humanitarian aid, the response of states to foreign interventions and critical debates on concepts such as resilience or security.

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