Couverture du livre Populations en danger

Populations in danger


Researcher at MSF-Crash, François Jean died on December 25th 1999. He wrote numerous books and articles, some published in Revue Esprit. He worked particularly on Afghanistan, Caucasus, North Korea and analyzed the evolution of humanitarianism without compromise.

We present here in their original edition the volumes of the "Populations in Danger" collection, launched by MSF in 1992, at the initiative of François Jean. These collective works, designed as an annual MSF report "on major crises and humanitarian action", presented MSF members, and all those interested in humanitarian action, with the reflections of MSF members and researchers on the contexts in which MSF operated and on the evolution of international responses to crises. This period in the early 1990s was one of great upheaval, in connection with the new interventionism of the United Nations and the deployment of armed forces in crisis areas. These books thus enabled operational managers to benefit from assistance in thinking about their work environment.

Original presentation :

In the world today entire populations are at immediate risk of death from either famine, war, epidemics or displacement. The people of Southern Sudan, Somalia, the former Yugoslavia, Mozambique, Peru, Sri Lanka, Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as the Tuaregs, the Kurds and Burma's Moslems are those who face the most serious threats but they receive inadequate aid and attention from the international community - if they are not simply forgotten altogether.

This book sheds new light on the crises of the "Third World", always doomed either to oblivion or sensational covergae. It gives a concise glimpse of today's most serious crises to emphasize - beyond statistics and strategic considerations - the human element.

The world's largest private organization for emergency medical aid, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) provides relief to all populations in danger without discriminitaion. Since it was founded in 1971, MSF has freely exercised what it calls it's "duty to testify", the right to speak out against major violations of humanitarian principles wherever they are committed.

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