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Humanitarian anthropology : conference with Sharon Abramowitz


Sharon Abramowitz is an anthropologist.

She has conducted research on community-based response to epidemics and pandemic events, Ebola, humanitarian intervention, mental health, gender-based violence, and post-conflict reconstruction in West Africa since 2000. She is the author of Searching for Normal in the Wake of the Liberian War (University of Pennsylvania Press 2014), co-editor of Medical Humanitarianism: Ethnographies of Practice (University of Pennsylvania Press 2015)

Sharon Abramowitz is an anthropologist and a visiting researcher at the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers University, co-editor of recently published Medical humanitarianism. Ethnographies of practice. She has devoted much of her work to responding to epidemics - most recently in Ebola, and in West Africa, Liberia in particular.

During the conference organized by MSF-Crash on 23 October 2017, she discussed the contribution of medical anthropology to humanitarian action as well as her latest book and most recent projects.

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