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Screening - debate / La Ville Monde

Michaël Neuman

Director of studies at Crash / Médecins sans Frontières, Michaël Neuman graduated in Contemporary History and International Relations (University Paris-I). He joined Médecins sans Frontières in 1999 and has worked both on the ground (Balkans, Sudan, Caucasus, West Africa) and in headquarters (New York, Paris as deputy director responsible for programmes). He has also carried out research on issues of immigration and geopolitics. He is co-editor of "Humanitarian negotiations Revealed, the MSF experience" (London: Hurst and Co, 2011). He is also the co-editor of "Saving lives and staying alive. Humanitarian Security in the Age of Risk Management" (London: Hurst and Co, 2016).

Screening - debate "La Ville Monde" on Thursday 7th of November 2019, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, in MSF's new premises at 14-34 avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris.

Médecins Sans Frontières and Crash are pleased to invite you to a screening, followed by a debate, of the documentary film  "La Ville Monde" (52', subtitled in English), directed by Antarès Bassis and produced by Les films du Balibari. The film, of which MSF is a partner, traces the trajectory of the La Linière camp in Grande-Synthe from its opening in March 2016 to the fire that destroyed it in April 2017.

Following the screening, you will be able to discuss with:

- Antarès Bassis, director of the film,
- Mélanie Playe, architecture referent at MSF,
- Michaël Neuman, Director of Studies at Crash, and advisor to migration,
- Laurent Sury, emergency cell manager, in charge of migrant projects in 2015-16, and initiator of the camp construction project (to be confirmed).

As part of a joint initiative with the municipality of Grande-Synthe, Médecins Sans Frontières built the camp in early 2016 and then carried out medical activities there until September of the same year. However, the association is totally absent from the film. The debate will be an opportunity to review the reasons for this absence – an absence which  reflects the withdrawal of the organization from the camp.

The debate will thus provide feedback on this project: Why did we choose not to get involved in the management of the camp? What have we learned in terms of building habitats for migrant populations? What have we learned in terms of urban planning reflections? More broadly, what lessons do the main actors learn from this experience?

We are also expecting many guests, stakeholders in the project, including Damien Carême, Mayor of Grande-Synthe until this summer, Cyrille Hanappe, architect and developer of "La Ville Accueillante", as well as Yann Manzi, whose association Utopia 56 was the first camp manager.

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