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Suzanne Shepherd

Member of Médecins Sans Frontières US Board of Directors

Dr. Susan Shepherd is a pediatrician. She joined MSF in 2003 and has undertaken field assignments in Uganda, Chad, Niger, and Kenya. She worked for MSF’s Access Campaign and was coordinator for the MSF Nutrition Working Group. Since leaving MSF in 2013, Dr. Shepherd has worked with the World Food Program in Central African Republic and Cameroon. Currently she works for the Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA).

A consultation in the out-patient department, in a former school, in one of MSF's medical projects in Syria Robin Meldrum Opinion

Polio in Syria: an opportunity to save lives?

11/22/2013 Suzanne Shepherd

Deployment of chemical weapons in Syria has proven to be such a horrific event, it has mobilized the muscle and diplomacy of the most powerful international actors. What will it take to unleash this same determination to come to the aid of the youngest Syrians?

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