MSF distribue du matériel en Afghanistan
Judith Soussan

Graduated in International relations (Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris), Logistics in humanitarian settings (Bioforce-Développement) and Anthropology (University Paris I), Judith Soussan joined MSF in 1999. After missions in Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Sudan and the Palestinian territories, she worked in Paris, in particular on protection of civilians. Following a few years break from MSF working as a radio reporter, she has come back to Crash in 2015. She contributed to the book "Saving lives and staying alive. Humanitarian Security in the Age of Risk Management" (chapter "Security Issues and Practices in an MSF Mission in the Land of Jihad" - London: Hurst and Co, 2016).

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Note to the reader

The present Cahier du Crash is made of a general synthesis followed by four appendices, three of which are case studies.

Although these parts echo one another, they remain distinct and autonomous documents. Therefore, they can be read separately and in any order – for example, it is not necessary to have read the general synthesis before broaching the case studies. The reader is free to select parts in which he/she is more particularly interested. So, don’t be intimidated by the length of this Cahier!

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