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Jean-Hervé Jézéquel

Deputy Project Director for West Africa at International Crisis Group.

Jean-Hervé Jézéquel first worked as a Consultant for Crisis Group in Guinea in 2003, before joining as the Senior Analyst for the Sahel region in March 2013. He has also worked as a Field Coordinator in Liberia, a West Africa Researcher and a Research Director, for Médecins sans Frontières.

Des travailleurs préparent des kits pour les équipes de vaccination Olivier Asselin Opinion

Kit Culture

05/25/2009 Jean-Hervé Jézéquel

Analyzing the same event from different perspectives is a favourite trick of historians to spice up their narratives. It also works pretty well to describe humanitarian interventions.

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Couverture du livre Niger 2005, une catastrophe si naturelle MSF-Crash Book

Niger: A Not-So Natural Disaster

10/01/2007 Xavier Crombé Jean-Hervé Jézéquel

Twenty years after the charity concerts for the Sahel Nigerien politicians, institutional donors, aid agencies and humanitarian organisations clashed on the nature and substance of the crisis affecting Niger in 2005. Identifying the causes of, and adequate responses to, the situation also gave rise to profound disagreements. Having set up their most ambitious emergency nutrition programme to date, Médecins Sans Frontières found itself at the forefront of these controversies.

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Un soldat devant une église au Congo Pep Bonet Analysis

Child Soldiers in Africa: A singular Phenomenon?

01/01/2006 Jean-Hervé Jézéquel

The much publicized figure of the child soldier in Africa is placed in context in this historiographical survey: the author ties it to the general subject of children in war – which has affected America and Europe at different times – and reveals the necessity of developing a history of child status in Africa.

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