MSF Staff At al Shifa Hospital
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Raid on Al-Shifa: What's next after Israel's operation at Gaza hospital

Michaël Neuman

Director of studies at Crash / Médecins sans Frontières, Michaël Neuman graduated in Contemporary History and International Relations (University Paris-I). He joined Médecins sans Frontières in 1999 and has worked both on the ground (Balkans, Sudan, Caucasus, West Africa) and in headquarters (New York, Paris as deputy director responsible for programmes). He has also carried out research on issues of immigration and geopolitics. He is co-editor of "Humanitarian negotiations Revealed, the MSF experience" (London: Hurst and Co, 2011). He is also the co-editor of "Saving lives and staying alive. Humanitarian Security in the Age of Risk Management" (London: Hurst and Co, 2016).

Michaël Neuman was invited to the Debate of France 24 to talk about the dire conditions in which the Palestinian population lives. He denounces the massacre that is happening in the Gaza strip which keeps increasing days after days, despite growing international condemnations, especially after the armed intervention of the Israeli soldiers justified by the alleged tunnels occupied by the Hamas below the Al Shifa Hospital.


We've been working in Gaza for two decades [...] and there was never any evidence that the hospital was used for any other purposes than purely medical ones. War crimes may be committed in both sides, but for no reason the hospital should be attacked the way it is. […] Whatever the hospital is being used right now, this is a place where you have patients, babies, wounded people and they should be spared from the violence.