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Angélique Muller

Angélique Muller

Angélique Muller joined Médecins Sans Frontières in 2012 after working eight years in Nancy as an emergency nurse. For MSF she worked for several missions as a nurse (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Liberia). Project coordinator in Grande-Synthe between January and April 2016, she currently holds an equivalent position in Libya.

Woman carries a child in the Grande Synthe camp

Temporary palliatives to an ongoing humanitarian need: MSF’s intervention in Dunkirk

This article was originally published in Humanitarian Exchange Magazine #67 in September 2016. In this paper, Angélique Muller and Michaël Neuman attempt to explore the lessons learnt through examining the decisions as well as the difficulties MSF encountered in its provision of assistance to migrants in Grande-Synthe.